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Our jewelry store proudly welcomes the Wyler Vetta watch brand.

Jumbostar crono orologio wyler vetta indossato orologeria villini

Timepieces of timeless elegance.

Wyler Vetta is a luxury watch brand that has gained international acclaim for its craftsmanship, technological innovation, and elegant design.
Founded by Paul Wyler and Léon Vetta in 1927, the company was a pioneer in developing innovative solutions to enhance the precision and durability of watches.
One famous event in 1931 involved a Wyler Vetta timepiece being thrown from the Eiffel Tower to demonstrate its robustness. When it landed, the watch had a few dents but was perfectly functional, thanks in part to the invention of an Incaflex balance wheel, a special shock-resistant system that revolutionized the watchmaking industry.
Additionally, the company developed its automatic winding system to recharge watches through wrist movements.

Jumbostar crono 40 Milano Sanremo Edizione Limitata orologeria villini
Jumbostar crono 40 Milano Sanremo Edizione Limitata orologeria villini
Jumbostar crono 40 Milano Sanremo Edizione Limitata disteso orologeria villini

In 2021, Wyler Vetta became an independent watch brand. The new venture was initiated by Marcello Binda in collaboration with Fulvio Locci, a well-known designer in the watchmaking industry.
Throughout its history, Wyler Vetta watches have been considered true works of art, thanks to the use of precious materials such as high-quality stainless steel, gold, platinum, and diamonds. From the classic elegance of traditional models to contemporary and bold designs, there is a timepiece for every occasion and every wrist in their collections.
That’s why we consider Wyler Vetta a prestigious addition to the brands already available in our jewelry store. Let us guide you in discovering the perfect watch, whether for men or women, that will capture your heart.

Jumbostar crono orologio wyler vetta orologeria villini